AI Tools Institute

AI Tools Institute


January 8, 2024 - February 21, 2024    
All Day


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Bummed you missed out on the seven weeks of AI tools virtual learning?!? Don’t be, you can purchase the recordings starting Tuesday, February 20th!

*School purchase orders accepted*Certificate of E-Learning Downloadable*

With access to the AI Tools Institute, you will become a confident user of AI Tools in the Language Classroom!

Video Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction to AI and Chat GPT

  • Understanding the basics of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Introduction to Chat GPT and its applications in language learning.
  • Small group discussion: school policies & current classroom use

Week 2: AI & Language Learning: Let’s break down tools by mode 

  • Examine AI tools for language learning modes (interpretive, interpersonal, presentational)
  • Exploring AI-driven applications for language skills development.
  • Which AI tools can best assist our students with their growth in language proficiency?

Week 3: AI-Assisted Lesson & Unit Planning

  • Integrating AI into lesson and unit planning for language education.
  • Creating dynamic and adaptive lesson structures with AI.
  • Small group discussion: Which AI Tools best support lesson plans and unit design?

Week 4: AI-Assisted Content Creation 

  • Leveraging AI tools for content creation in language education.
  • Developing interactive and engaging materials with AI assistance.
  • AI-created images & videos for classroom use

Week 5: Personalized Learning for Students with AI 

  • Understanding how to set up differentiated learning
  • Implementing personalized learning pathways with AI tools.
  • Addressing individual student needs and preferences.

Week 6: AI-Powered Assessment and Feedback

  • Integrated Performance Assessment Design using AI Tools
  • Providing timely and personalized feedback using AI.
  • Let’s address ethical considerations.

Week 7: Project Showcase and Future Trends in AI and Language Teaching

  • Participants showcase their AI-integrated projects.
  • Discussion on the impact of AI on language teaching.
  • Exploring future trends and advancements.


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