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2nd annual Summer CI Strategies Camp (3)

New Beginnings

  • Connection Call
  • 2 Workshops (Up to 3 hours each)
  • Follow-up Call
2nd annual Summer CI Strategies Camp (3)

Team Transition

  • Connection Call
  • 2 Workshops (Up to 3 hours each)
  • Follow-up Call
  • Strategic Plan Creation
2nd annual Summer CI Strategies Camp (3)

Evolving Together

  • Connection Call
  • 3 Workshops (Up to 3 hours each)
  • Department Meeting
  • Follow-up Call
  • Strategic Plan Creation
2nd annual Summer CI Strategies Camp (3)

Spreading Our Wings

  • Connection Call
  • Curriculum Audit
  • 3 Workshops (Up to 3 hours each)
  • (1) Full Day Workshop
  • Department Meeting
  • Follow up Call
  • Strategic Plan Creation
2nd annual Summer CI Strategies Camp (3)

Total Transformation

  • Connection Call
  • Curriculum Audit
  • Assessment Review
  • 3 Workshops (Up to 3 hours each)
  • (1) Full Day Workshop
  • Observations & Coaching
  • 2 Department Meetings
  • Follow up Call
  • Strategic Plan Creation

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Customized Workshops


Available for a half day or full day workshops on any of the below topics:

AI Tools for Language Educators

Maximizing productivity is essential, and artificial intelligence is here to help language teachers! Discover how AI-powered tools can revolutionize content creation, save valuable time, and enhance effectiveness in the language classroom. Let’s unlock the potential of certain AI tools to save time and positively impact students’ language learning journeys.

AI Toolbox for Educators

ChatGPT is wonderful, but what other AI tools are available? There are many educational AI resources that build on ChatGPT technology, which are free, provide extra functionality and features, and make using AI more convenient for educators. We will explore many tools such as EduGPT,, Canva, Twee, MagicSchoolAI, Curipod, QuestionWell, Brisk, Schmely, and many more!

AI Toolbox for Students

Empower your students with AI Literacy! Let’s discuss current school policies, how we can navigate AI with our students responsibly and which guidelines to implement into your classroom. In this workshop we will explore ways students can use AI to enrich their learning with self-directed platforms, richer learning experiences, enhance creativity,
conversational practice and more. We will explore the use of several AI tools designed
to assist our students such as Khanmigo, Goblin Tools, Canva, Mizou, SchoolAI and many more!

Building Bridges: Cross-Cultural Literacy in Bilingual Education

This full-day workshop focuses on building cross-cultural literacy skills within the context of bilingual education. Educators will explore how to create an inclusive learning environment that celebrates the diversity of languages and cultures represented in the student body. The workshop will provide practical tools for teachers to weave cultural understanding into language instruction, promoting a holistic approach to bilingual literacy.

Change the Narrative

Explore literature’s power to shape identity and foster belonging. This workshop will offer strategies to analyze reading materials, promote critical literacy, and create inclusive learning environments. Elevate your classroom library as a mirror for your learners, enabling them to see themselves in the narratives and feel empowered by diverse stories.
In this workshop, participants will discuss the impact of diverse narratives on building a sense of belonging, analyze current reading materials through an inventory audit, discuss classroom practices that promote a sense of belonging for all learners, and share ideas/strategies for overcoming challenges in implementing inclusive reading materials.
Partner work, small group and whole group activities will lead these different discussions and participants will be provided with resources & questions to consider from the Learning for Justice frameworks. “Readers: Change the Narrative” aims to empower educators to be catalysts for positive change in the narratives of their students, fostering
a sense of belonging for all.

Cultivating Multilingual Literacy Skills

This full-day workshop is designed to empower bilingual educators to enhance literacy development in all language classrooms. The session will delve into effective strategies for fostering reading and writing skills while ensuring students actively communicate in the target languages. Participants will engage in hands-on activities, collaborative
discussions, and explore resources that can be integrated into their classrooms.

Culture + Comprehensible Input = The Perfect Pair!

This workshop will highlight how to use the target language to teach authentic cultural
content in your classroom through a variety of activities. Using art, music, games,
legends, geography, film and current events to connect with the target culture but also
ensure that it is comprehensible for your novice learners. Come learn techniques &
strategies to communicate with your learners and dive deep into a target culture!
By leading with culture, we will use authentic resources to help guide each of the CI activities. For example, using the strategies: movietalk with films, embedded reading with legends/current events, gallery walk with art & music and different games with geography. We will also explore how ChatGPT can help us create & modify texts to ensure that they are on the right proficiency level for students. Participants will experience each of these techniques and later, select content from their target culture to explore and plan future lessons.

Designing Backwards: Standards Based Assessment Techniques

Let’s use the World Language Standards to guide our summative assessments and day to day formative assessments! We will tailor assessments to each mode of communication and track evidence to demonstrate a student’s growth from one proficiency level to the next. We will also design Integrated Performance Assessments with meaningful rubrics to
support student success. Let’s elevate your teaching by aligning assessments with
language proficiency to ensure a comprehensive and effective language learning experience for your students!

Differentiation + CI in the Language Classroom

This workshop is tailored for K-12 World Language educators seeking to enhance their instructional practices to meet the diverse needs of students. Participants will explore the principles of differentiation and comprehensible input, gaining practical strategies to create an inclusive language classroom where every learner can thrive. The session will blend theory with hands-on activities, templates and tools they can immediately apply to promote language acquisition.

Empowering Multilingual Learners at ALL Levels

Let’s dive into the latest language teaching strategies and ensure equity of opportunity
for our multilingual learners. Through hands-on activities,collaborative planning, and personalized feedback, discover effective approaches to support diverse & new language learners.

Engaging Uses of Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence can be used in so many different ways in schools to improve
teaching, learning, creativity, productivity, support, and more for educators and students.
Explore dozens of uses for generative AI including support for reading, writing, daily tasks, tutoring, coding, conversations, feedback, and much more.

Give Every Student A Voice!

Language can serve as a bridge or a barrier. This workshop will target the development
and implementation of effective communication strategies to empower multilingual learners. Together, we will explore how language can be a tool for empowerment, understanding, and dismantling systemic barriers. Participants will engage in a dynamic exploration of methodologies aimed at creating inclusive environments where multilingual students feel heard and valued. We will delve into practical techniques and tools that foster an atmosphere of understanding, appreciation, and support for linguistic
diversity within educational settings.

Lead with Inquiry: A Project Based Approach to Language Learning

In this workshop, participants will explore the power of inquiry-based learning and its
potential to engage students in meaningful and interdisciplinary connections. Drawing
inspiration from the Institute for Humane Education and the UN Global Goals for
Sustainable Development, attendees will discover how to incorporate questions,
wonderings, and curiosity into their lesson design. Through hands-on activities and
collaborative discussions, participants will leave with practical strategies to ignite their
students’ passion for learning and foster critical thinking skills.

Let’s MovieTalk!

Ready for MovieTalk? In this session, you will experience a MovieTalk, brainstorm and design one of your own using available resources and get some spotlight by practicing a MovieTalk with colleagues! We will also discuss pre-viewing, while viewing and post viewing activities to get students ready, ensure they comprehend and demonstrate the language acquired! Get ready to learn, strategize and share with this great strategy to provide lots of engaging repetition!

Moving & Grooving: Using Authentic Music with our Elementary Students!

Embark on a rhythmic journey in ‘Moving & Grooving”, offering dynamic strategies to
integrate culturally rich and authentic music into elementary language instruction.
Discover innovative ways to enliven lessons, foster language acquisition, and create a vibrant, inclusive classroom where students connect with language through the universal language of music.

Nurturing Language Growth: Understanding Early Language Development and Addressing Language Learning Disabilities

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the stages of early language development in
children, from pre-K through elementary school. Develop the knowledge and skills
needed to identify signs of language learning disabilities in students. Learn how to adapt curriculum materials, implement differentiated instruction, and utilize assistive technologies to support students with language learning disabilities. Explore
collaborative approaches to intervention planning by working with special education
professionals, speech-language pathologists, and other support staff. Discover how collaborative efforts can enhance language support and positively impact the overall educational experience for students with language learning challenges. Let’s create inclusive, supportive, and effective language learning environments for ALL students.

Personalizing the Path to Proficiency

Let’s explore innovative strategies to personalize our students’ language learning experiences! This engaging session will delve into three key components: student self-reflection, teacher-to-student conferencing, and the development of student portfolios.

We will explore tools and activities that foster self-awareness and goal-setting among students. We will also explore ways to provide constructive feedback that promotes language growth and consider digital tools for portfolio creation and organization. It’s time to personalize the path to proficiency for every student!

Share your story! Digital Storytelling in the Language Classroom

Storytelling is a powerful way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of the target language, at any age! In this session, participants will learn how to set up a digital storytelling project for students at all levels. We will learn how to set students up for success by understanding the digital storytelling process, group checklists, storyboard templates, and practical uses of different online tools. Teachers can also guide students throughout the writing process with drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their final story. Ultimately, students will have access to a library of their peer’s creations and celebrate their accomplishments together.

Supporting Text-Based Comprehension & Communication Skills for Language Learners

This workshop delves into strategies and techniques to bolster text-based comprehension
and communication skills, providing educators with practical tools to help guide one’s language learning journey. Gain insights into effective instructional practices that foster reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and critical thinking skills in a
language acquisition context. Discover how to scaffold content, provide language
support, and differentiate instruction to ensure all students can access and engage with the curriculum. Explore activities and approaches that encourage language production, meaningful discussions, and collaborative learning, laying the foundation for improved
verbal expression and language fluency.

And More!

🔥  Authentic Resources

🤖  AI Tools & Chat GPT for Teachers, Administrators & Building AI Literacy in your School Community 

🎯  Backwards Planning: Curriculum Design

🌐  Breaking Barriers: U.N Global Goals of Sustainable Development

📊  Designing Integrated Performance Assessments

📋  Differentiation in the WL Classroom

💻  {Digital} Storytelling

🌎  Fostering Interculturality & Building a Global Community

😀  Interpersonal Communication Strategies 

🇪🇸  Leading with Culture & Comprehensible Input

📕  Literacy Skills for All Learners

♡  Nurturing Empathetic Language Learners

📓  Reading Strategies/Readers & Classroom Libraries 

📃  Portfolios & Student Growth

🖥️  Top Technology Tools for Communication

🗣️  Teach for Proficiency

🌎  Using Intercultural Can-Do Statements

🎮  Using Games to Inspire Communication

🎶  Using {Authentic} Music with all the modes!

📝  Writer’s Workshop

Noemi is a powerful educator, intentional leader, and fantastic human. She designs learning experiences that are practical, culturally relevant, and grounded in best practices. I would recommend her to anyone; she facilitates learning experiences of the highest quality, and anyone who works with her will be highly satisfied!

Dr. Ashley Warren

District Supervisor, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District

Noemi Rodriguez is a highly recommended professional in the field of professional development and mentoring. Her expertise and guidance have made a significant impact on my teaching career, leading me to achieve both success and a genuine passion for education. Noemi’s dedication to helping others grow and develop professionally is evident through her personalized and impactful mentorship. I highly suggest seeking her guidance if you desire to enhance your skills and find inspiration in your teaching journey. She is truly one of a kind.

Mrs. Jenny Rousos

Spanish Teacher, Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District