This week in my 8th grade classroom, students will be demonstrating their knowledge through a series of summative assessments including the three modes of communication.

This led me to think about the other components in my classroom that I use to assess their language abilities. Why not have everything I use to grade students fall under these three umbrellas- interpretive, interpersonal & presentational? Instead of having generic categories, to classify the assessments.

Bearing in mind the world language standards & levels of ACTFL and the correlation to task -measurement of skill, let us consider the area of homework. Based on the three modes, generally speaking, homework assignments fall under two of the three umbrellas- presentational and/or interpretive. I can suggest an assignment to be done at home, which requires interpersonal communication between two students (through speaking or even writing-thanks to social media), so there may be a way to add interpersonal when considering homework tasks.

This has me consider the following, based on current categories of use in my classroom.

Homework– Presentational / Interpretive  (10%)

Projects– Presentational / Interpersonal  (20%)

Quizzes– Presentational / Interpretive / Interpersonal  (30%)

Tests– Presentational / Interpretive / Interpersonal (40%)

So instead of having separate weight categories for Homework, Projects, Quizzes and Tests- why not have everything evenly divided as: Interpretive, Interpersonal & Presentational – with an equal weight category of 33%?

Would this be something realistic for WL teachers or do generic categories in our assessment strategies & grading criteria work just as well? I’m curious to learn how other feel about this idea and whether or not something to this degree has already been implemented into their particular curriculum.