Once again, a colleague shared with me an amazing, free website that made me jump up and down with techie excitement!

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format are short, video files that have been compressed and are usually quite entertaining.


For creative output, try the following activities with your students:

-Use GIFs to teach new vocabulary/spark vocabulary knowledge

-Students add their voice or text narration to a presentation with GIFs; create a personal vocabulary journal using GIFs

-Teacher created screencast using GIFs, students view and write a dialogue between the characters

-Display a GIF, students write a sentence or short story (before, during video, after) for each video prompt

-GIF Gallery Walk: Set up barcodes around your classroom, linked to different GIFs, students must write a descriptive sentence for each video viewed

-Have students create a digital story using GIFs

-Present a series of GIFs to the students, they put the GIFs into order and explain why

-Embed files into a Prezi, students view the prezi and compose an email to the main character asking about his/her day

-Challenge your students to create and narrate their own GIFs using this site

Please feel free to share your own ideas and comments below! 🙂